Monday, April 9, 2012


I went to Hollywood for my birthday a while a go (P.S. I didn't have enough time post then so I'm doing it now) to go to the American Girl Store. It was so much fun! I got alot of pictures taken and one of them is below:


10 easy steps to make purfume: 

step 1: get a zip-lock bag.

step 2: put sented flowers in the bag.

step 3: add water to the bag.

step 4: add brown sugar/cane sugar.

step 5: add chopped strawberrys.

step 6: zip up bag.

step 7: mash up the flowers with a rolling-pin.

step 8: pour liquid from the bag into a cup.

step 9: let the purfume set for about 5 min.(P.S. you can leave it over night in the fridge if you wanna.)

step 10: put purfume in a squirt bottle, spray, and enjoy the smell!

Early Mothers Day

I love my mom so much that I decided to dedicate a post to her. You might know her from creatingfreespirit. To go to her blog, click here. So, anyways.... hi. Hello. Aloha. Ola. Bonjour. Any other languages you can think of 'cuz I can't. I decided to put some pictures up for my mom so here they are:. Well, it turned out that the picture wanted to go up top so, ya. SEE YA!!!

                      xoxo, Bella